Monday, July 20, 2009

Felted Beads

I found a knitting pattern for making felted beads. How cute is that?? So I got out my trusty needles and started 'knitting" beads. Four stitches, four rows and sew the circumference. How simples is that. I made about a dozen in about an hour, took them to the bathroom sink and submerged them in hot sudsy water. I rubbed and I rubbed them around in my palm until they felted. Then I set them out to dry.

Next I discovered that you can't get a fine gauge head pin through the felted wool. Back into the hot water they went and wha-la - the head pin went through.

Now I have to get creative and add some smaller finishing beads and a bead cap or two and wire wrap them into a charm bracelet.

Here you see the before and after shots of the "knitted" bead. More to come....

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